Appendix Kierkegaard’s EngagementAssuming Kierkegaard’s diaries and his confessions to his friends are honest, the engagement to Regine was the most difficult year of his life. Kierkegaard seems to have been torn between the idea of a marriage and his need for solitude. After a year, Kierkegaard broke the engagement. “There’s really no science to suggest that you can boost your immune system by taking any kind of vitamin or supplement. Be well hydrated, well nourished, and in generally good health, and you’ll have a healthy immune system,” Dr. Clements says. Boring. It what any other above average artist could made, it just gets praised causeRead More →

It classic. So that why I picked that one. Even Serena Williams, Nike highest profile client, wore an adapted version of the outfit. So what exactly is Safaricom Academy and why am I enrolled. Well for me the journey began around 2011, that was when Safaricom academy was started if am not wrong. They uploaded the course modules online and I fell in love with the units immediately I mean It wasn like the boring math I was used to at JKUAT or the flimsy excusefor CS either. We can read about the latest medical advances anywhere in the world. We can visit online forumsRead More →

When I tried P for a week that damn left clock CONSTANTLY tricked me into thinking I had a notification to check. Also now there is only space for 4 notifications. If the OS decides to de prioritize something important and move it to the 5th spot and I miss a meeting or vital email then I fucked.. Do you think Family Day is a good holiday? What is Family Day? When you think of family time what do you think doing things with them in a limitless amount? Which for the most part happens on weekends or for holidays when everyone is together. MostRead More →

I remember the day we announced the merger. I was assigned to go pick up one of [Daimler’s] guys from the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham [Mich.]. So we’re driving to Auburn Hills and we’re in the driveway, and he looks up at the building and he points up to the top of the headquarters tower where the Pentastar is and he says, “What is that?” I said, “That’s our logo,” and he says, “Well, that’s got to go.” I said, “That’s holding up the building. Mr Siroker ran a dozen more experiments that were vital to Mr Obama success. Looked at video versus images, theRead More →

As an aside Airbags DEPLOY, by the way, so I’m not sure that that’s the right descriptor. I would suggest these are definately better described under the moniker ‘funbags’, which is a more marketable title for what are essentially commercial products although they hardly move (‘where’s the fun in that?’ we may ask), but this may then make them ‘child safe funbags’ due to a lack of moving parts and reduced risk of choking. I do realise, though, that they have been INFLATED so you may catch me out on a technicality with the airbags reference.. You ought to purchase high heeled shoes and bootsRead More →

Wear a dress that’s loose fitting on the bottom that allows you to dance the basic and bend your knees and spread your legs apart comfortably without riding up. So don’t wear something super tight because it’s going to ride up and/or restrict your movement. If you watch the video I posted below, you’ll see the woman is wearing a short dress and that it rode up while she was dancing, so if I were her, I’d be very concerned about exposing myself.. Even countries have set goals. After being defeated in World War II, Germany was totally devastated. However, Germany is now one ofRead More →

Hunting Creates (and pays for) Jobs Hunting in America is big business. It may not seem this way on the edges of our country, where one may struggle to find a person who hunts. However, the hunting jobs sector is huge. Makoto wins this one although it’s close for me. I would’ve appreciated a better story for her confidant story and to have it not be solely centered on someone else and her sketchy boyfriend. She does get a lot of story time in the main plot though which makes up for it a little I guess. Okay, I see. I assume your friend hasRead More →

Now when he was at Bara he would hold camps and signings in the same city and all around seemed like a great person, but after his move away everyone noticed that he was holding less and less of these all the while spending more time in the city. Around this same time he started being seen around at bars and restaurants with well known members of the local cartel. So to be honest reading this now doesn come as much of a surprise regardless of how much I, and others, looked up to him when I was younger.. Thar was once referred to asRead More →

With the NBA season nearing the end the talks of who will be this year’s MVP begin. It has been a hard fought season where we have seen many stars both old and new shine. Aside from the talent these athletes display each night we have something else being displayed this season; the cool kicks they have inspired companies to make. There, the Court employed precisely the analysis the test requires, finding a case moot because the challenged action pursuing a claim in court could not be resumed in “this or any subsequent action” and because it was entirely ” ‘speculative’ ” that any similarRead More →

9 points submitted 6 hours agoClassic excited delerium, from the stripping naked, to the ineffectiveness of pain compliance, to the heightened strength, even the dying several days later despite medical treatment.Also, “No study thus far has been able to demonstrate a causal relationship between Taser use and subsequent individuals’ deaths.”Situation sucks but its the drugs, not the Tasers/cops. Oh, and btw, the whole “stop chasing him, lets just follow him” is a good example of de escalation for those who want to start down that path.The FD has access to Verizon government contract and they could have attached their department to it. This gives youRead More →