Skulls and skeletons are common symbols of the Mexican Day of the Dead. There are special food associated with Day of the Dead, like chocolate or sugar skulls, used as offerings. There is also Pan de muerto (bread of the dead), a kind of sweet bun, usually baked with bones made from dough on top. Looking around it is easy to see that promotional messages are everywhere you look. Imprinted on just about every item you use, every item you see, someone has thrown in a bit of advertising just to get your attention. You may not notice these messages but they are there, inRead More →

Continue reading this postAccess to information: Does Canada need to be more open with data?TTC bus driver: Do you often see your local drivers texting?The Toronto Sun on Thursday published a picture sent by a reader of a TTC bus driver driving while texting on a mobile device. (Toronto Sun)The Toronto Transit Commission is coming under fire after the emergence of a picture. Continue reading this post. Athena’s gift carried the day, and the city of Athens adopted her and her name. The contest between Athena and Poseidon is a popular motif in art, including the Parthenon sculptures. Modern Greeks say that a descendant ofRead More →

EDIT: The kick is still REALLY impressive however, I just think the title is misleading. Punts are measured from the line of scrimmage and this one landed in the end zone which would mean the other team gets the ball at the 20 yard line. No way this is a 92 yard punt.. The Galicians have used a sky blue and black palette to good effect for the upcoming season. The home shirt is sky blue with black trim along the shoulder and around the neck. The away top is black with a sky blue design around the neck and shoulders. A few dozen companiesRead More →

These junk food places are evil they exploit young people by paying a ridiculous low wage, treat them like trash and serve customer the worst kind of rubbish you can eat and call it food. They also destroy small businesses in my area since a KFC has appeared, much to the protest of locals, a few food places (all privately owned) have closed down. Profit goes now straight into a corporation instead of supporting a small business that keeps a family afloat. Greasy Stains. Lubricating and cooking oils, butter, machine grease, and similar substances produce greasy stains. Grease spots are sometimes removed from washable fabricsRead More →

Asset based community development (ABCD), or asset based community driven development as it is sometimes called, is a bottom up way of working with communities that focuses on community strengths and assets rather than on deficits and problems. In another post I spoke about two communities. One was a ‘community in crisis’; the other was one with strong community relationships and bonds. My belly is 34″, so I made the lames 18″. This gave me a 38″ circumference (including 2″ in lacing on the side). It was perfectly comfortable. The company also insists the move has nothing to do with the scandal. Fool me once,Read More →

Staosi. Dzi nadszed ten dzie, o ktrymmylaemjuod jakiego czasu. Po 15 startach w zawodach w ktrychpoprawiaemswoje wyniki na poszczeglnych dystansach przyszed ten dzie. The Syntagma Palaio Faliro Neo Faliro line and the section Syntagma Glyfada of the Syntagma Voula line opened on 19 July 2004. The extension Glyfada Voula opened in November 2007. They are generally cheap and during rush hour, it is often considered normal to flag down a taxi when not more than one or two other customers are already in (although, officially, this is forbidden). To break it down, Mercury has remained something of a mystery to astronomers because of its muchRead More →

Why Nap? Napping is something that people do to give their minds and body a break from the hustle and bustle of the day. If your mind is in continuous motion all the time, and you don’t take a little cat nap or power nap when you go to bed at night it is going to be difficult to fall asleep. This is because you never gave your mind a break that it so desperately needed. There something about the ultra community that different from the rest. Sure there are the color coordinated folks that we see at the road races but mostly, the runnersRead More →

For Eubank the bubble has burst, but oh, how he gave his all in a dramatic fight, gambling, wild, brave and bullish to the final seconds. The way back will be long, and probably at middleweight. And many will condemn the fact that Eubank was too ambitious, and against all conventional advice, should not have been training himself.. Hi purl3agony! Indeed it can be a delicate PR dance for both celebs and the companies that hire them. I can see celebs wanting to purchase that endorsement insurance, too. Now that you mention it, I’m trying to think of a reverse example. For women this wasRead More →

The German heavy cruiserPrinz Eugenwas towed to Kwajalein from Bikini Atoll after the Operation Crossroads nuclear tests. It developed a leak, was towed out and sank in the lagoon. Navy administering the atoll at the time decided to relocate these Islanders to nearbyEbeye, an islet only three islands to the north of Kwajalein and accessible by a short boat ride or walk over the reef at low tide. Not even available from Lego. And not an exact copy of any particular MOC, though seems to be derived from two different MOC sets. Fantastic set. In 2014, she rebounded by winning a series of smaller tournaments,Read More →

We have almost achieved equal pay in some countries. We have different lives to those of our grandmothers and even our mothers. But we still face unconscionable levels of discrimination and violence against women. If you are in a room, and the choice is yours when to leave, most people will have a lower breaking point and tap out a lot sooner. Do a personal experiment, pick a room with no distractions, no phones, no computers, no books, no tv, no radio, nothing but the chair, food water, and the bathroom (to be only used for using the toilet and sink), see if you canRead More →