De los recuerdos ms bonitos de mis das estrenndome como mam (la primera y la segunda vez) son los momentos de soledad con mis bebs. Podan parecer un monlogo para quien nos oyera de afuera, pero para m eran el dilogo ms lindo que he entablado en toda mi vida. Me bastaba con mirar la carita de mis bebs escuchando mis descripciones sobre el agua que los limpiaba durante el bao, o contndoles por qu yo haba soltado una carcajada o una lgrima.. If you are looking to change up your classic French toast, you may want to try using different styles of bread. InRead More →

Liz. We’ll car I think you now to weather across America where we are talking about a heat wave some more flooding and the latest on hurricane Chris. Here’s ginger deep to bring us up to date. Disliked this upon the first leaks, but it looks a lot better in person/on the field. However, like I said on the home kit, it a letdown after the latest kits in my opinion. While the USA World Cup shirts aren a failure, they still leave me wishing for something more. Valve has no control over the amount of the fee. These fees result in unreasonably high costsRead More →

Pomodoro (but not 25 minutes, try 5 or 10 or whatever minutes you think you can handle, to get started). I do 10 min work, 3 short break and 30 min long break (after 6 Pomodoros, which means 1h focused work, 15 min break, then 30 minutes long break). Look for apps to help you.. Peace yall! Wanna wish you a postive productive week ahead. Today I bring you this hiphop gem from my brethren Meyhem Lauren called Got The Fever. An ode to the artistry of graff. Cassoobhoy is a board certified internal medicine doctor. She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor ofRead More →

The National Archaeological Museum is hailed by many as one of the greatest museums in the world. It’s the largest museum in Greece, showcasing more than 20,000 exhibits, with five major permanent exhibitions. This 8,000 metre space houses not only ancient sculptures, pottery, jewellery, artwork, and more, but also a massive library of archaeology and a photography archive it’s a researcher dream. He has to go. In my opinion he has been a disappointment as a glorified spot up shooter who can’t defend on the perimeter. If you could tell anyone that they could have Andrew Wiggins back for K Love, I think everyone wouldRead More →

The lack of substance on here is startling, just people trying to get attention from Greg and the crew the community is a reflection of the personalities and the content they produce. The promise and potential of KF when it started was IGN 2 biggest and best gaming personalities doing what they did on a smaller, more intimate, and better scale. KFGD is the type of thing I like, and while I do like it, I just don think there enough daily news to make it a must listen. Rise up on both feet to return to starting position. Do 10 reps, then switch feetRead More →

UsesThis medication is used to treat a certain type of cancer of the colon (large intestine) or rectum that has spread to other parts of the body. Panitumumab is a man made protein (monoclonal antibody) that binds to a certain protein (epidermal growth factor receptor EGFR). It works by slowing or stopping the growth of cancer cells.. Spencer’s point? That Bryant’s lawyers ought to be ashamed of themselves for raising the alleged victim’s medical history as a defense. The doctor is obviously right, but his point is irrelevant to the mental health issues raised by the Bryant defense. Spencer? He’s just plain wrong.. The SpartansRead More →

Remember, everyone is different. Genetics play a big role in how much hair you have. You may know some guys who barely have any facial hair. “To me the tracksuit represents my generation and our different references towards status and gender,” says Astrid Andersen, the Danish menswear designer who has developed a cult following for her streetwear inspired clothing. “When I see a man in a tracksuit, he can look as successful and powerful as a man who would conventionally wear a suit. It’s significant to fashion because it’s part of a new way of expressing identity.”. Hemp is also useful as a food asRead More →

Jewelery can also be made with gemstones which are fancy minerals; although some rocks are not made from minerals they are still considered gemstones. Diamonds are popular in jewelery. They can be seen in every type of jewelery and can either be featured in a cluster, small group or on its own. Detroit Zoo to host pet adoption eventDetroit Zoo to host pet adoption eventThe Detroit Zoological Society is teaming up with the Michigan Humane Society to host one of the nation largest off site pet adoption events. The event will be held Sept. And Sept. I didn’t deserve the tip. I talked to theRead More →

Could it be that the garden of eden was indeed a very real, physical place that was located on the planet earth. First of all we must realize that eden and the garden of eden are two separate places. There was a place called Eden, and the garden that was located in Eden, is what we call the Garden of Eden.. Allow your head to fall back if that feels natural for your neck. Make a shelf for your legs with your arms and sit on your upper arms/shoulders (you can slightly bend your elbows to do so). Cross your ankles, squeeze your thighs intoRead More →

Para tumbar por completo ese consejo de que no debes cargar a tu beb, te dir que cada vez ms se utiliza en Neonatologa para bebs prematuros el mtodo canguro. Se llama as en honor al animal y consiste en que el beb este desnudo con el paal pegado al pecho de la madre piel con piel. Esto ayuda enormemente a la regulacin de la temperatura y a crear vnculos emocionales. But I can tell you this was never anticipated 25 years ago, that the jail was going to become an increasing focal point. Our goal is not to build a premier mental illness treatmentRead More →