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Google cardboard started the low cost VR craze, it was cheap but at a cost of some comfort, first generation ones also had to be held up as they lacked the headband. Subsequent improvements came along, though remained basic in construction. This model overcomes those limitations by being a properly made headset with both side and top headbands for support, with some deep padding around the eye pieces. Now that the dust is a little settled and I coming to terms of resuming the humdrum haze filled days, there a wee bit of time to do this race report, and then some. Once I gotRead More →

What is Plantar Fasciitis?Basically, it’s an athletic injury to the soft band that supports your arch on the bottom of your foot. That band, a stretchy and shock absorbing fibrous tissue that runs from the base of your toe to your heel and supports your arch, is called the plantar fascia. The “itis” suffix refers to inflammation.. Kale is a nutrient rich leafy green. Kale is considered a superfood for its high Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K content. They contain antioxidants that fight cancer and lower cholesterol levels. Governments and nation states are not alone in driving this transformation. At Rio, more thanRead More →

Well, one possible concern. If you have a fair amount of money and many people know it then you may find people asking you for some of it. It can be awkward/unpleasant to tell relatives that even though you are well off that you don’t want to give money to them. And now the fear set in! I realized that I had no idea what I was doing. Frantic, I called some people who I had met at REIA and asked what to do. One of them sent me a standard purchase contract. The customers requirements oriented, it pursues the best quality magnesium oxide, providesRead More →

A case can be made that players drafted in the higher rounds are likely to be the better prospects. It so happens that the only three players on the list drafted higher than 100 (highlighted in blue) all happen to be CHL players, so it figures they’d be near the top of a list that like the draft itself is predicated on projected talent levels. One could further argue that the rating process itself is biased. Because our infrastructure provisioning and application deployment are automated, we can easily scale from 3 or 4 servers to 3 or 4 hundred in minutes if necessary. This allowsRead More →

“It was my first day at Sidwell. A black student who had been at the school for a really long time was assigned to be my buddy and adjust me to the environment. And he asked if I knew what an Oreo was. Bile aje masuk panggung, expectation teman memang tinggi. Dengornya banyak CGI dalam filem nih. Kalu kome tengok trailer ‘Karak’ nih dulu, peh, memang menakutkan! Sampei terbayang2 rupa hantu CGI tuh! Sebelum filem setat, teman perati keadaan dalam panggung tuh. Traction on the Nike Kyrie 3 would probably be the best feature of the shoe. There is herringbone traction pattern from heel toRead More →

Disassemble the box and reassemble it inside out so the brown side is out.2. Decoupage the box3. Spray paint the box4. It’s easy to donate just grow your hair out to ten or more inches in length, cut it off, stick it in an envelope, and help out a kid that could really use a boost. Keep an eye on your community calendar, then stop by and donate. It’s just a little prick on your arm, then you get a cookie and a drink and you’re on your way, while your blood is used to save someone’s life.. It just that sugarcane sugar is cheaperRead More →

Not sure what tones speak to you? Take a look inside your closet, and consider what shades draw you to them when you go shopping. For me, the shades are often deep, eggplant purple, biscuit tan and sage green. Accents of brick red work well with these colors. In 2016, the Oxford English Dictionary chose post truth as the Word of the Year. They defined it as “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief. Colbert said post truth was a rip off of truthiness.. It’s no mistake that Nike’sRead More →

Were [a] bit disappointing.”Starbucks stock and dividends rose 7.6% from March 2012 to March 2013. (The 38% to which Schultz referred was for fiscal year 2012: From October 2011 to September 2012.)Stauber complained that Starbucks’ stock price had underperformed the S 500 over the last year.”Until January a year ago, we existed without making gay marriage a core value of our company,” said Stauber. “Hence we did quite well.”Related: Marriage ruling could save thousands for same sex couplesThe National Organization for Marriage did not return a call from CNNMoney, but its website says more than 56,000 people have joined its boycott.Starbucks has long been aRead More →

That something I don quite get though. This obviously doesn appear to be something mentally sound people do. Perhaps they are “sound” in the current medical definition, but doesn that just mean it time to revise our definition? Just as schizophrenia or epilepsy were once beyond the domain of science because we lacked the tools to research and diagnose them, why isn this treated similarly? An illness of unknown cause.. In a world where the market is too big, a careful planning and analysis are essential because in that market field your enemy is always in constant change, therefore, you need to be quick wittedRead More →